EcoDetective is an adventure game that aims to teach young people about ecology and the environment. It’s the story of Wira, a youth detective dispatched to an area called Cikapundung (inspired by real-life Cikapundung River in Bandung, Indonesia) to investigate the poor environment condition there and educate the populace about the importance of protecting the environment, as well as helping them make things better. However, things aren’t like they seem at first…

The current version of the game is developed using RPG Maker XP.

Posted on: 23 May, 2010

Arya BL Show

In case you don’t know yet, I used to be crazy and daring (I still am now, but to a lesser degree). For example, have you ever climbed to a car roof from the back seat while said car is going at about 40 kph? I have. Twice.

Little incidents like that eventually prompted my buddies to joke that I should make a TV show about myself. I thought it would be cool too, but having too much to do all the time prevented the idea from being realized. Then in 2007, the media communities in the campus hatched a plan to create something called Campus Channel (link may be down), where they pooled their resources to create some kind of integrated media. Being a member of the radio club, I took the opportunity, and with a little (big) help from my friends (Radix, Nophe, Ami, Dedy, and Shana, among others), Arya BL Show was born. (BTW, BL is my nickname, but that’s another story.)

The idea was to make a talk show discussing current issues in ITB, Indonesia, and the world, with a bit of comedy sneaked in, combined with my so-called “signature style”. Hence the pilot episode, scheduled for November 2007, was themed around Heroes’ Day, which is on November 10 in Indonesia.

Arya BL Show, Episode: Heroism was released in mid-November to moderate reception.

This episode was the only one ever produced, since after that I decided to focus on my undergrad thesis and the other guys also moved on to other things. But it was fun. 🙂

Posted on: 20 May, 2010

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‘Cause We Are Champs

‘Cause we Are Champs by ~petewarrior on deviantART

This one dates back to my freshman year in college. There was an initiation period where one of our assignments was to compose a song about our department and student union. I took up the task, and this was what resulted.

The funny part is when the song was first sung for the seniors. I wasn’t feeling quite well and didn’t attend. Well, it turned out the song was supposed to be used as a marching cadence, and being a rock number in spirit, my song’s beat was too irregular for that. My fellow freshmen was chewed out hard by the playing-bully seniors, and I, the one most responsible, wasn’t even there. 😛 Fortunately, my friend Karlisa, who is now happily married with children and living in Japan, also had a song ready, and hers became the official song of the 2003 freshmen. Whew.

But one can’t let an awesome, rocking song lay abandoned and forgotten, right? That’s where Dimbir came in. A multi-instrumentalist, he wrote up a whole four-piece arrangement for it. With the song now having awesome lyrics and a rocking musical arrangement, I put in the next piece of greatness: the music video, as seen below.

In my final year, I vowed to perform the song at my department’s graduation party. And I did it, with my labmates alongside me on the stage. The circle is complete.

Posted on: 25 December, 2009

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