Coca-Cola Five Senses


Tools: Adobe Flash CS5.5, Audacity, Adobe Photoshop CS5.5
Roles: audio editing, coding, flow

This interactive app showcases how the iconic Coca-Cola bottle engages each of our five senses. Besides checking out the interesting facts (in Indonesian), you’ll also want to hover the five hotspots in sequence from the top and play with the ice cubes.

Check it out while it’s live!

Entering the workforce…

Hi there! Apologies for the very infrequent update, my blogging sense hasn’t returned to what it used to be. Just enacted a one-post-per-week program last August, hope it can actually work soon.

A belated Eid Mubarak to you if you celebrate Eid, hope it helps make you a better person. As for me, I’m a greater guy when I can eat at daytime, haha!

Now for something related to the post title. For two weeks now I’ve been working for this company:

Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett is an advertising agency based in Chicago (but of course I work at the Jakarta branch… for now 😛 ). My job as a Flash Programmer isn’t programming per se, but more to get involved in the creative process from a technical standpoint and communicate the project with the vendors (outsourced developers). I’ll be using my knowledge to recommend the best way to implement the creative ideas that will, in LB’s words, “transform human behavior.”

The work hour is relatively flexible, and we can wear anything we like (presumably within standards of decency). But I guess that’s common practice in creative companies like this one.

Since the office is in Jakarta, I’m now living in my hometown again. I actually had to hire a small box truck to move from Bandung! However, I’ll still visit Parijs van Java frequently, not the least because there’s someone to see there 😉 .

It’s my first job (outside my old campus), and I hope it can be a beginning to a great career. Wish me luck! 🙂


This app is inspired by two things: those motivational posters you see about everywhere, and Lionel Messi’s awesome performance against Arsenal in April 2010. It’s, well, a motivational poster with a moving picture. The video is streamed from YouTube. Both the title and small text are customizable, but an overly long paragraph will ruin the display. This will be fixed in future versions.

If you interested, you’re free to use this on your own site, blog, forum, etc.

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The magical Lionel Messi

I’m not a big soccer fan. I only started watching the game when in college, and even then only when it’s not broadcasted after midnight (when it’s evening in Western Europe, it’s about 2am where I live).

Last night, though, I decided to stay up to watch the Barcelona vs Arsenal game, broadcasted live from Camp Nou, Barcelona. And man, I’m glad I did! Otherwise I wouldn’t be witness to the brilliant play of the awesomeness that is Lionel Messi. He scored four goals, 3 of them before half time. And all of them are… beautiful.

It even inspired me to whip up this little Flash app here, which is basically a motivational poster that plays a video from YouTube in place of the motivational picture. It also displays a customizable title and paragraph. I call it the MotiVideo.

You can also use this on your own Web site, blog, forum, or whatever, with a video and message of your choice! Just go to the MotiVideo page find out how. It’s free to use, of course.

‘Cause We Are Champs

‘Cause we Are Champs by ~petewarrior on deviantART

This one dates back to my freshman year in college. There was an initiation period where one of our assignments was to compose a song about our department and student union. I took up the task, and this was what resulted.

The funny part is when the song was first sung for the seniors. I wasn’t feeling quite well and didn’t attend. Well, it turned out the song was supposed to be used as a marching cadence, and being a rock number in spirit, my song’s beat was too irregular for that. My fellow freshmen was chewed out hard by the playing-bully seniors, and I, the one most responsible, wasn’t even there. 😛 Fortunately, my friend Karlisa, who is now happily married with children and living in Japan, also had a song ready, and hers became the official song of the 2003 freshmen. Whew.

But one can’t let an awesome, rocking song lay abandoned and forgotten, right? That’s where Dimbir came in. A multi-instrumentalist, he wrote up a whole four-piece arrangement for it. With the song now having awesome lyrics and a rocking musical arrangement, I put in the next piece of greatness: the music video, as seen below.

In my final year, I vowed to perform the song at my department’s graduation party. And I did it, with my labmates alongside me on the stage. The circle is complete.

Posted on: 25 December, 2009

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