Dragon Fighter (pre-alpha)

This is my little experiment with Unity3D. It takes a lot from the Unity Tutorial, but I programmed the flight and fireballs.

To try it out:
W, A, S, D – move forward, backward, left, right
mouse – look around
left click – shoot fireball
F – toggle flight/walk
Shift – hold to run (when on ground)
space bar – jump (when on ground)
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Hujan Ulat Bulu!

Hujan Ulat Bulu! is a simple Flash game inspired by the caterpillar rain phenomenon that swept across the island of Java. You can try it out at


EcoDetective is an adventure game that aims to teach young people about ecology and the environment. It’s the story of Wira, a youth detective dispatched to an area called Cikapundung (inspired by real-life Cikapundung River in Bandung, Indonesia) to investigate the poor environment condition there and educate the populace about the importance of protecting the environment, as well as helping them make things better. However, things aren’t like they seem at first…

The current version of the game is developed using RPG Maker XP.

Posted on: 23 May, 2010