Panjat pinang…

This Google Doodle depicts panjat pinang, a game traditionally played during Independence Day holiday in Indonesia every 17th of August. A number of players would try and climb a skinned and heavily greased pole to grab prizes hung on the top. For physically heavier (e.g. refrigerators, motorcycles) or more fragile (e.g. iPads, BlackBerrys) items, a placeholder board is usually hung instead.

This game emphasizes strength, agility, and above all, teamwork. To reach the top of the tall tree, the players would usually try and form a human tower. It is quite a spectacle to watch, especially with all the slippery grease.

Happy Independence Day to all Indonesians! Dirgahayu Indonesia! Merdekaaaaaaa!!!!! 🙂

Sunshine, crashing waves, 747s… what?

It's a bird! It's a plane! ... IT'S A PLAAANE!!! RUN!!!
It's a bird! It's a plane! ... AARGH! IT'S A PLANE!!

When I first saw the image above, I thought it was Photoshopped (or GIMPed, if you prefer open-source). A plane flying that low? Obviously a fake, just like that five-headed snake.

However, it turned out that the beach is very real. It’s called Maho Beach, and it’s located in the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean Sea, right next to the Princess Juliana International Airport. Now I wonder how the sunbathers could keep their hearing intact.

BTW why hasn’t any evil tyrant thought of hearing sense destruction as a form of corporal punishment? All they have to do is put the condemned in a chamber and blast him with a noise of around 200 dB. Chopping off tongues and gouging out eyes have been done in ancient times, but I haven’t heard of a punishment that destroys the senses of hearing, smell, or touch. Sense deprivation is a notorious torture method, though.

Some Facebook trivia…

Facebook: What You Probably Didn't Know
[Source: Online PhD Programs for]

Now you know… And knowing is half the battle! 😀