GPS cycling goodness…

Last Friday I tried out a GPS tracking app, called SportsTracker, on my new HTC Desire. Cool little thing. It tracks my cycling route, current and average speed and pace (and reported it real-time via Bluetooth headset), and generates several graphs for me to peruse. The paid version offers data uploading and other stuff, but Google haven’t put the payment system in place for Indonesia. Too bad.

Route to the office



The magical Lionel Messi

I’m not a big soccer fan. I only started watching the game when in college, and even then only when it’s not broadcasted after midnight (when it’s evening in Western Europe, it’s about 2am where I live).

Last night, though, I decided to stay up to watch the Barcelona vs Arsenal game, broadcasted live from Camp Nou, Barcelona. And man, I’m glad I did! Otherwise I wouldn’t be witness to the brilliant play of the awesomeness that is Lionel Messi. He scored four goals, 3 of them before half time. And all of them are… beautiful.

It even inspired me to whip up this little Flash app here, which is basically a motivational poster that plays a video from YouTube in place of the motivational picture. It also displays a customizable title and paragraph. I call it the MotiVideo.

You can also use this on your own Web site, blog, forum, or whatever, with a video and message of your choice! Just go to the MotiVideo page find out how. It’s free to use, of course.