Real-time social coding

So the other day, I was searching for references at work when I stumbled upon this site called Wonderfl. It’s… well, wonderful. is a web-based IDE and repository for Flash applications. You can start a project or fork one created by somebody else, write ActionScript code, and it’s instantly compiled and played for you to enjoy.

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Panjat pinang…

This Google Doodle depicts panjat pinang, a game traditionally played during Independence Day holiday in Indonesia every 17th of August. A number of players would try and climb a skinned and heavily greased pole to grab prizes hung on the top. For physically heavier (e.g. refrigerators, motorcycles) or more fragile (e.g. iPads, BlackBerrys) items, a placeholder board is usually hung instead.

This game emphasizes strength, agility, and above all, teamwork. To reach the top of the tall tree, the players would usually try and form a human tower. It is quite a spectacle to watch, especially with all the slippery grease.

Happy Independence Day to all Indonesians! Dirgahayu Indonesia! Merdekaaaaaaa!!!!! 🙂