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So the other day, I was searching for references at work when I stumbled upon this site called Wonderfl. It’s… well, wonderful. is a web-based IDE and repository for Flash applications. You can start a project or fork one created by somebody else, write ActionScript code, and it’s instantly compiled and played for you to enjoy.

Something like this. (source: Wonderfl)

There’s literally thousands of ActionScript source code for you to try out, learn from, and modify (of course nobody knows how many are simply unfinished forks, but it’s still a lot). Unfortunately the search function isn’t very good, so it takes time to find something particular. But checking out the top ranked and most forked codes is always fun.

However, you might be wondering, isn’t Flash dying? Isn’t HTML5 the stuff to learn now?

Well, maybe. But worry not! Because for HTML5, we have another source of learning with a similarly clever name: It can even generate a QR code for each code so you can  quickly see how it looks on a smartphone.

There you go. Try them out! If you like, please add me on Wonderfl¬†and I haven’t done much yet, but hopefully that’s gonna change. Here’s a simple painting board I did.


Painting Board – wonderfl build flash online

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