Cabasuka Gakuen: The Game

Cabasuka Gakuen: The Game

This is my costume setup for all the hostesses in Yakuza 0‘s Hostess Club minigame. It’s based on the TV series Cabasuka Gakuen. They’re all double circle ◎, so feel free to use them in your playthrough.

If you’re interested, here’s some context: Cabasuka Gakuen is the 2016 spinoff of Majisuka Gakuen, a Japanese TV series about the delinquent schoolgirls of the titular Majisuka Girls’ High School and its rival schools. They believe in “maji”, or “seriousness”, which in their case means to fight with everything they’ve got, become the top fighter of their school, and lead their school to dominate their rivals.

This time, however, their beloved school is faced with a problem they can’t punch their way out of: imminent bankruptcy. Sakura, the reigning top fighter, decides to think out of the box and opens a hostess club with her comrades to raise the funds to save their school. Can these rowdy young ladies discover their feminine side and conquer the nightlife world, before it’s too late?

  • Mana as Samé (Sakura Miyawaki). The current head of Rappappa, the ruling gang of Majisuka Gakuen, she decided to open the Aquarium hostess club with her comrades to raise funds when their beloved school is faced with bankruptcy. Despite her achievements, she often feels that she's always second best, as she could neither defeat Salt in a fight nor Kurage in hostess performance. Surprisingly, not much had to be changed from her original look.
  • Chika as Kurage (Jurina Matsui). The head of Rappappa back in her school years, during which she was called Center, she went on to become one of the most sought-after hostesses in the nightlife world. She joined the Aquarium to show the ropes to her budding juniors and help her alma mater.
  • Saki as Gari (Yuria Kizaki). Known to friends and rivals as Magic, one of the Four Heavenly Queens of Rappappa, her specialty is magic and trickery, which she use to dominate her opponents in fights.
  • Hibiki as Karei (Nana Okada). Known as Katabutsu to her peers, she has a strict yet kind personality and has recently rose to become one of the Four Heavenly Queens of Rappappa. In an alternate storyline, she becomes the head of Rappappa by succession, as she was tasked with defending their school while the other members fought and perished in a battle against the Yakuza and Chinese Triad. TBH that qipao is what gave me the idea to dress up the hostesses like this.
  • Ai as Isoginchaku (Haruka Komiyama). A regular yankee, she is known for her captivating smile.
  • Alternative Ai as Iwashi (Juri Takahashi). The leader of Team Hinabe, the five-girl gang known for their daily habit of cooking nabe soup. The team also serves as the personal guards of Katabutsu.
  • Yuki as Salt (Haruka Shimazaki). The head of Rappappa before Sakura, she earned her nickname from the intense pain she inflicted on her opponents during fights, as if the wounds were rubbed with salt. After graduation, she entered law enforcement and rose to the rank of Detective Chief, and agreed to Sakura's request to temporarily became a hostess at the Aquarium as part of her own investigation.

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